Arcluster Watchlist is a specialized and tailored list of the top 100 companies to watch in a market. It covers companies and developments across the globe and is available for 4 industries – Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), Automotive and Transportation (Auto), Food and Beverages (F&B), and Health. Watchlist is also available as a custom research service, where we tailor this list based on the client’s interest areas. It is a useful marketing and competitive intelligence tool that provides a seamless and continuous coverage of emerging companies, their offerings, and recent financial and market developments. To know more about Watchlist and applicable markets, please fill the form below or reach us at

Automotive and Transportation (Auto)

Arcluster’s Auto Watchlist covers emerging and evolving players in this market segment. The Watchlist covers news, analysis, launches, and other developments of emerging players. This is a useful tool for the auto incumbents to track market developments beyond traditional and conventional solutions and help them adapt to the changing dynamics of the automotive industry.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Arcluster’s ICT Watchlist covers micro emerging trends and emerging players in this segment. This includes up and coming players across IIoT, AI & Robotics, Software and IT, Network and Computing,  and Telecom and Wireless. The Watchlist covers news, analysis, launches, funding with respect to each of the players on the Watchlist.This Watchlist is a key tool to track market developments, emerging competition and potential acquisitions and help decision makers to stay ahead of competition and strengthen market positions.

Food and Beverages (F&B)

Arcluster’s F&B Watchlist covers emerging players in this space, news, analysis, launches, funding and how it applies to the food and beverages industry. This Watchlist is a key aid to incumbents to track market developments beyond traditional and conventional products and help them adapt to the changing dynamics of the food and tech evolution.

Health Tech

Arcluster’s Health Tech Watchlist covers multiple segments and companies across digital health and analyzes players in this space based on the news, analysis, launches, funding and other aspects. The market coverage includes digitization and technology disruption across care planning, supply management, practice management, diagnostics, surgery, patient monitoring, radiology, patient experience. This Watchlist is a strategic asset to competitive intelligence and decision making professionals, for its ability to seamlessly track market developments beyond traditional and conventional news and products.

Custom and Others

Arcluster also provides a customized tracker that covers other industries such as energy, power, chemicals, materials, manufacturing, defense, aerospace, construction, buildings, environmental, finance tech. We also deliver a bespoke and custom Watchlist based on an identified set of companies and/or markets. These are highly useful to keep track of emerging trends, players and associated market developments.

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