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Our solution portfolio is based on a four pillared structure comprising Advisory, Research, Consulting and Services. Our advisory practice focuses on deeper customer intelligence, advising on the impact of emerging technologies, maximizing market opportunities arising from the rising technology trends and on how leadership and internal processes need to transform to adopt and embrace the evolution of the market. Our consulting team handles our client’s most critical issues: growth, innovation, marketability and sustainability. Our services offerings include data based analytics, tools and toolkits to help our clients with innovative solutions in marketing and social engagement. Our market research team covers multiple markets across verticals to identify micro emerging opportunities and insights that can be translated into effective business opportunities for our clients. We routinely publish research studies, maintain market trackers and perform tailor made research on these opportunities.

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Arcluster caters to niche and micro-emerging markets within 8 broad verticals, covering 44 industries across 3000+ markets. Our ability to continually explore and infuse key trends across multiple markets is one of our key strengths in evaluating market opportunities. The opportunities we discover are analyzed for growth and sustainability at microscopic levels in order to help our clients with strong advisory, research, consulting and services.

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Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and Defense vertical includes Aviation and Aerospace, Counter Terrorism and Homeland Security, Law Enforcement and Military.

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Automotive and Transportation

The Automotive and Transportation vertical includes Automotive, Railroads, Maritime and Logistics and Shipping markets.

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Chemicals, Materials, Food and Beverage

The Chemical, Material, Food & Beverage vertical includes Chemicals, materials, food, beverage and agriculture, covering over 500+ markets.

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Construction and Manufacturing

The Construction and Manufacturing vertical covers Architecture, Engineering, Machines, Manufacturing, Construction and Packaging.

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Energy, Power and Utilities

The Energy, Power and Utilities vertical includes Energy, Minerals, Mining and Utilities.

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Environment and Consumer Services

The Society and Environment vertical covers Banking, Education, Environment, Consumer Goods and Housing.

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Healthcare and Life Sciences

The Healthcare and Life Sciences market research vertical includes Biotechnology, Diagnostics, Medical Imaging, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices.

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Telecom, Media and Technology

The Telecom, Media and Technology market research vertical includes Computers & Networking, Media, Software and IT, Telecom and Wireless and Industry Applications.

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Research Library

At Arcluster, we maintain a library of all the content published by our analysts. These include research insights, whitepapers, market podcasts and research studies. While research insights cover trends on micro emerging markets opportunities, whitepapers cover a more elaborate analysis of popular topics. Market podcasts are audio commentary of latest innovations and cover also recently published studies and insights from them.

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Research Insights

Our analysts publish a series of articles and insights on micro emerging market opportunities, customer pain points and product-technology trends post the completion of every market study. These insights are primarily research articles that provide an overview of the predominant trends in the market they cover. These research insights and articles are available for free in our research library. Quotes and analyst opinion from these articles and insights can be referenced without any infringement of licensing rights.

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Market Podcasts

Market discovery is about identifying opportunities in unrecognized and unexplored pockets. In most cases, these markets are not apparent or predictable. Product discovery, unlike markets, is different in the way that it is dependent on its value and usability. Discovering smart markets and smarter products has become essential for companies to stay ahead of competition. Arcluster market podcasts aim to dissect new micro emerging markets, green-field opportunities, best in class products and overarching trends across industries.

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More often than not, the industry is cluttered with multiple news and comments on new technologies, products and markets. Our whitepapers are aimed at addressing the need for an authoritative verdict on products, service, technologies and developments in the market. It’s primarily purpose is to demystify the hype and help readers understand key issues and make informed decisions.

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Press Releases

Press releases, news, blog links and media touchpoints directed at the members of news media and announcements of research study completion and scheduled events for our clients. For subscribing to our press releases, please submit your email address in the form.

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Press News directed at the members of news media and announcements of research study completion and scheduled events for our clients. Subscribe to our news feed by submitting your email.

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Every now and then, we strike upon interesting stuff during research that want to share it as a blog with our readers. Some of the articles might be related to the company and business and some of them regarding our research and solutions. You can subscribe to the blog by submitting the email.

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