Connected Lighting: $20 billion opportunity in 2022

Excerpt from the Connected Lighting Market Report ( –> Report here)

Digital and Internet of Things are set to play a major role in the future of home, commute, and work. Technology adoption in this space is growing at a rapid pace, engulfing, and disrupting multiple applications. One such area is lighting. Being one of the oldest and critical industries, lighting is being disrupted in a significant way by a new wave of intelligence, control, data, and analytics. Smart buildings and offices are driving a major part of this growth, by adopting connected lighting solutions that deliver increased operational efficiencies with lowered operating costs. The value-creation that the digital ecosystem brings for the connected lighting space is important. The ability of lighting systems to offer deep insights into usage and optimizations leads to enhanced utilization of resources, thereby resulting in higher cost savings.

Not limiting to its potential in delivering critical business advantages, connected lighting also leads a path towards creating other connected applications and services that have far reaching potential into the workplace, home, and in the public sector. Connected lighting augments well into the digital future by creating deeper integration opportunities and creates a new value chain for solutioning and delivery. With, more customers actively pursuing both turnkey pilots and retrofit implementations, mass market adoption is now only a function of time.

Connected lighting is the digital evolution of a traditional industry. It is reshaping the world by making things to be seen in a new evolutionary light. The market opportunity for connected lighting is significant and offers a value-driven opportunity for providers, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, technology players, resellers, and integrators. Arcluster forecasts the worldwide Connected Lighting market to reach $20.5 billion in revenues in 2022 in its latest Connected Lighting Market Report. Arcluster’s Connected Lighting market report spans 167 pages, and includes 56 market data tables and 48 figures and charts. Market Size and Forecasts of Connected Lighting are provided by

  • Solutions: Connected Lighting Systems; Connected Lighting Services (Professional, Support, LaaS)
  • Solutions: Turnkey; Retrofit
  • Environment: Indoor; Outdoor
  • Applications: Residential; Commercial; Public Spaces
  • Commercial Applications: Warehouses, Factories, Garages, Hospitals, Offices, Stores, and Hospitality, Others
  • Public Space Applications: Streets, Tunnels, Arenas, Parks, Bridges, Monuments, Others
  • Regions: North America; Europe; Asia-Pacific; Central/ Latin America; Middle-East and Africa.

Arcluster Connected Lighting Market Report Cover