Agriculture Drones expected to cross $1 billion in 2020

Arcluster’s study on ‘Worldwide Agricultural Drones Market [Hardware, Software, Services]: Opportunities, Insights, Market Size, Forecasts and Analysis (2015 – 2020)‘ reports that the market for farm drones is expected to grow to more than $1 billion in 2020.

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Agriculture drones have gained significant market traction in the recent times. Although countries such as Japan have been employing drones for agriculture since the past decade, mass market opportunities have risen across the rest of the world now. This has drawn a lot of attention from the manufacturers and farmers alike. With regulations falling in place for drones, recent market activity show increased favor amongst end users and positive signs of adoption.

Arcluster’s study on agricultural drones is aimed at delivering the most comprehensive and well informed study on the market, covering trends across both the supply side and the demand side. The report provides highly detailed estimates, forecasts and insights into three major segments of the agricultural drones market – Hardware, Software and Services. The hardware market is categorized by the rotor type, battery life, payload and flight distance. The services market covers drone services segmented by farm sizes across regions. The report also provides an elaborate analysis of the emerging market requirements and commercialization trends. Insights on farmer types, application priorities and big data trends in agriculture have also been covered in this study.

The agricultural drones market report sheds light on key factors and issues that govern adoption along with insights on market demand, customer pain points, and geographical trends. The report also includes insights into the competitive landscape, product profiles, start-ups and funding trends. It also provides an overview of the market forces and trends across the drone markets. The report is further appended by multiple supporting sections, covering UAV market forecasts, military drone forecasts, hobby drone forecasts and farm statistics.

Arcluster’s report on Agricultural drones is a useful marketing, strategy and business planning aid to companies and corporations that cater to the Agtech, UAV and drones market. Readers can benefit from the wealth of both quantitative and qualitative data on various aspects across the ecosystem. The market insights and recommendations from the report are valuable enablers for decision makers to expediently understand the current and evolving market developments, helping them to develop better and more targeted decisions and solutions.

One of the most challenging aspects of sizing the agricultural drones market was objectively encompass the regulatory scenario across several countries. The data engineering itself comes with the backing of multi-tiered scenario based analysis. Three levels of adoption were considered and the most balanced and neutral perspective has been employed as the base for the data model. This enables the research to be a straight-up non-biased evaluation. The standard top-down and bottom-up methodologies were followed to build more robustness to the market estimates. With STP analysis being the base for the top down approach, the addressable and available market estimates were identified from top-level data points.

The bottom up approach was used to qualitatively assess large volumes of customer groups (farmers, farm managers, agronomists and crop consultants) that represent the target market segment, across different geographies. These customer groups act like the sample of the overall market and were employed to identify buying behavior and initial customers. A custom data layer was designed and embedded along with the bottom-up approach towards verifying and authenticating buyer decisions and preferences from a number perspective as well. These quantitative validations form the backbone of customer intelligence, by supporting our derived intelligence on the buyer market and customer preferences.

Data gathering for both the approaches was achieved through a rigorous period of information gathering from both secondary and primary sources over the last year. Information collected through several interviews with key industry participants, channel players, regulators, farmers and agronomists were analyzed and engineered to understand buying, spending, demand and supply patterns. These data sets were further interpreted to see how it is applicable across the value chain through market-data associations. Post this, the market engineered data was applied with multiple check points to validate consistencies, manage error samples and reduce variances. The report on the agricultural drones market is built on a strong and dependable data foundation, passing multiple levels of data validations and checkpoints.

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