Agri Drones set to take off

By October 22, 2015 Blog No Comments

We’re happy to announce the publication of our latest research study on the Agricultural Drones market. The study on Agri Drones was built on more than a year of data gathering across the demand and supply side of the ecosystem. The study aims at delivering the most comprehensive and well informed study on the market, covering trends across the value chain.  The report provides highly detailed estimates, forecasts and insights into three major segments of the agricultural drones market – Hardware, Software and Services. We’ve also included sections that provide insights on farmer types, application priorities and big data trends in agriculture. With this, we also further appended the report with multiple supporting sections, covering UAV market forecasts, military drone forecasts, hobby drone forecasts and farm statistics.

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Agricultural drones have gained significant market traction in the recent times. With regulations falling in place for drones, recent market activity show increased favor amongst end users with positive signs of adoption. Our efforts in making this report has helped us build our capabilities in associated drone markets and agriculture technology markets including robotics, sensors and precision agriculture. We’ll be actively following the developments in the drone ecosystem in the coming years. Look forward to more updates in this market.